Episode 54: Radio Programming for the 55+ Demographic with John Sebastian

This week’s Brandstorm guest has been in radio for more than 50 years and during much of that time, John Sebastian was programming radio stations. He’s programmed almost every format, including Top 40, Smooth Jazz, Kick Ass Rock, Country and Classic Rock, and targeted just about every demographic — 12 to 24, 18-34, 25 to 54 and 35 to 64. John Sebastian joins Brandstorm to talk about his new format for 55+ listeners, a demo he believes is the most undervalued, most underappreciated and in his words, most unexploited demographic in America. (more…)

Episode 53: Losing Your Largest Distribution Platform with Brandon Bruce of Cirrus Insight

What would you do if your business suddenly lost its largest distribution platform? Brandon Bruce, COO and co-founder of Cirrus Insight, was thrown a curve when his company’s application was removed from the SalesForce App Exchange, its largest distribution outlet. While this blow might signal the end of most application’s lifecycle, Cirrus Insight’s branding and unique lead generation capabilities kept the app alive and well.


Episode 52: Marketing a Party in a Box with Lyle Stoflet and Tom Daugherty


On this episode of Brandstorm, Dan Trzinski and Nancy Christopher talk to the owners of Containers Up. Lyle Stoflet and Tom Daugherty had an ingenious idea. What if they could make a bar that could be shipped anywhere they wanted, and people could rent or buy them for private parties or corporate events? With these thoughts in mind, Lyle talked Tom into buying a 20- by 8-ft., upcycled shipping container for themselves and placing it on the street in front of Lyle’s house for a neighborhood block party. Everyone loved it. No one came inside Lyle’s house, and when it was over, the container was taken away. A new company was born.


Episode 51: Gas Pump Media with Becky Colman

Finding a captive audience to deliver your advertising message is always challenging. On Episode 51 of Brandstorm, Becky Colman of Fuel Montana Media tells us why Gas Pump TV is an effective way to reach consumers with relevant, local content.