Episode 57: Visualizing Dining with John Kuehl of Hankr

John Kuehl’s biggest argument with his wife was deciding where to eat. According to John, you can search the Internet to find just about any product, but when it comes to food, you get a list of places. That got him thinking, what if you could search what kind of food you wanted? Better yet, what if you could articulate what you were in the mood for – something that’s comforting, gluten-free or savory? John’s answer was a new website called Hankr.com. He joins us on #Brandstorm to talk about how he hopes someday hungry people will say, “let’s Hankr that.”


Episode 56: Modernizing the Professional Bowlers Association with Commissioner Tom Clark

In the heyday of bowling, Milwaukee was known as America’s “Ten Pin Capitol”. When enthusiasts weren’t out playing for fun or in leagues, they were at home, tuned in to the Professional Bowler Association (PBA) tour on ABC. When the popularity of the sport began to wane near in 1980s, bowling alleys closed shop and took once-thriving leagues with them. Although the golden age of bowling has long passed, the Commissioner of the PBA, Tom Clark, believes it is making a comeback.


Episode 55: Content Marketing to Consumers with Michael Brenner

This week’s Brandstorm guest is a globally-recognized speaker on leadership, culture and marketing, the author of “The Content Book” and the CEO of Marketing Insider Group. His marketing prowess has captured the attention of The Guardian, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Economist. Michael Brenner joins #Brandstorm to talk about content marketing strategies and how marketers can be more engaging with consumers.


Episode 54: Radio Programming for the 55+ Demographic with John Sebastian

This week’s Brandstorm guest has been in radio for more than 50 years and during much of that time, John Sebastian was programming radio stations. He’s programmed almost every format, including Top 40, Smooth Jazz, Kick Ass Rock, Country and Classic Rock, and targeted just about every demographic — 12 to 24, 18-34, 25 to 54 and 35 to 64. John Sebastian joins Brandstorm to talk about his new format for 55+ listeners, a demo he believes is the most undervalued, most underappreciated and in his words, most unexploited demographic in America. (more…)