Listening is the new reading. Although podcasts have been around for some time, technology has fueled a renaissance by making them easier to access than ever before. Needless to say, podcasts are booming. Brands are increasingly turning to podcasts to replace newsletters, mailings and other vehicles because podcasts are more economical to produce and far more interesting and convenient for listeners to consume. Platypus offers all you need to leverage the growing power of this exciting new medium, from scriptwriting and show hosting to complete in-house podcast production and distribution.

Bayfield County

Bayfield County is using podcasting to add evergreen and shareable audio to their content strategy. The episodes let guests tell stories and go into greater detail about the places to go, things to do and people who make Bayfield County one of Wisconsin’s most popular vacation destinations. They’ve created a library of topics that make great social media content and help leverage social media audiences of all tourism-related businesses in the County.

    Richmond Schools

    Richmond School added podcasting as just another way to keep busy parents informed about the goings on at their children’s school. In the time it takes to commute to work, school or run errands, the parents, grandparents and taxpayers in the District can listen to school news whenever it is convenient for them. The school’s principle, administrator, teachers, coaches and students themselves have all played a prominent role in telling Richmond’s story. As a result, they have eliminated the need to print and mail a newsletter. 

    Grafton Wisconsin

    Grafton has adopted podcasts as a way to connect with community residents and visitors alike. On a monthly basis, chamber staff chat with area business owners, event managers and community volunteers about why its “Great to be in Grafton.” Adding audio has enriched the Chamber’s website and social media content, while bringing a voice and personality to the brand that blogging just can’t do.