In this episode, we welcome Jenna Hauca, from Generator Media + Analytics. Jenna is the Vice President of Innovation & Technology at Generator and is here to talk with us about transparency, accountability, and data automation.

Jenna Hauca
Jenna is a five-year veteran at Generator and an award-winning advertising and media professional specializing in Digital and Analytics.

Generator Media + Analytics
Founded in 2002, Generator is a full-service media company that originated on the principle of providing transparency and accountability to their clients’ media investments. Generator works with 25-30 major brands, including the American Red Cross, NBC Universal, Jenny Craig, NYU, and Carmex to name a few.

Transparency & Accountability
Generator helps advertisers make smarter media buying decisions with complete visibility into campaign performance. They use hard data to demonstrate the actual contribution of advertising investments, in real time.

Data Automation
Generator recently launched SYNAPSE, a proprietary platform that aggregates a wide array of real-time data, including media campaign metrics, client sales figures, even outside feeds such as weather APIs, into a live and dynamic dashboard.

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