Platy Pad to the Classroom – Tony Seaman is Molding Young Minds at MIAD

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Tony Seaman


A talented member of our Platypus team is taking his creativity from the Platy Pad, to the classroom!

Creative director, Tony Seaman, will be teaching an “Advertising Design” course this semester at MIAD (Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design).

Where it all began . . .

Coming from an art direction background and working for a number of Milwaukee ad agencies, Tony has worked in the advertising biz for over 15 years!

“I come from an art directing background – can’t not do this. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully; it’s who I am, and who I’ll always be deep down inside. I’m a firm believer that design can truly make the world a better place. I love collaboration, especially when fueled by equal parts caffeine and panic.”

Tony started working at Platypus in 2004 then left in 2007 to join another agency.  Thankfully, in 2013 he came back to his Platypus home.

 “I returned to the Platy nest in 2013, to work again amongst talented friends. In total, I’ve been here for over five years.”


A Proud Platypus

As a Creative Director at Platypus Advertising + Design, Tony works with internal teams across all disciplines – creative, digital, media, and PR – to successfully achieve goals and objectives for a number of clients. All while producing work that stands above the norm – visually, conceptually, and strategically.


This course is not new for Tony. He taught this class in previous semesters at MIAD – always being in an “adjunct” role – or as MIAD calls it, “working faculty.”

This specific course consists of juniors and seniors in the Communication Design program – most of which are not familiar with the ad industry. Part of Tony’s semester is spent introducing certain elements of our business to the students — strategic thinking, research, and conceptual approaches, etc. — while also instructing them on the finer points of executing an advertising campaign.

“I find that at the beginning of the semester, the students don’t have a great perception of the ad biz – putting our industry somewhere between used car salesmen and ambulance-chasers . . . By the end of the semester, they often express surprise over their new-found appreciation of advertising. A few even consider getting into the racket themselves,” Tony explained.

Tony believes that his value to these students not only comes from bringing a real-world perspective to the class, but also inviting other ad professionals to speak on the topic.

“These people have much to say about copywriting, conception, and broadcast – and they can say it much better than I can. Plus, the chance for the students to interact, and even network, with these industry folks is very important.”

So when it’s all said and done, what does Tony have to say about his students and their post-course ventures?

 “I still get a kick when I see one of my former students now working in an ad agency. I’d like to think a small part of how they got there could be blamed on me.”

Decisions are still being made whether the rest of the Platypus team will refer to him as “Professor Tony” around the office from now on. Maybe an apple (or ten) on his desk will do.






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