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Yesterday, Facebook announced a new feature…surprise! As if it isn’t hard enough to keep up already. Admins of ‘new or smaller pages’ have additional tools to invite their customers and web contacts to become a fan of their page.

You can simply upload your email list and Facebook will import your contacts. You can then invite your email contacts to become a fan of your Facebook page.

The other option is to import email web contacts by providing your web email address and password. Then you’re taken to the same process where your contacts are imported and you can invite them to become a fan. Keep in mind, there’s a maximum of 5,000 contacts supported.

This is an update that I’m really excited about. First Facebook added friend-to-friend page suggestions. Then, they allowed users to send game/app invites to their email contacts. Prior to this, Facebook allowed page admins to send invitations to just their friends, not people who weren’t on Facebook yet. I always felt something like this was missing. This is a great opportunity to build up a fan base because the invitation appears to be coming from the business rather than the individual page admin.

At this point, I’m not sure what Facebook means by ‘new or smaller pages’ as stated in their blog, but I checked a few of our client pages and they do have the option to upload. Anyone have further insight on this since Facebook’s blog didn’t fully explain that part?

Here’s another helpful article I came across.

Are you going to invite your email list to fan your business page?

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