Old Media vs. New Media

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Traditional media might be old, but it is not dead. The digital world is a rapidly changing marketplace. New media has created a paradigm shift in the marketing and advertising industry, but it is not replacing old media. New media isn’t changing old media, it’s rewiring consumer behavior. As marketers, we need to capitalize on the change and use old and new media together, in a complementary way.

When you’re choosing a media vehicle, the key is to choose what will best reach your target audience. Television, radio and print remain both viable and effective.

Old media can create a level of exposure that otherwise isn’t possible. Using both old and new media together effectively can help maximize your reach by not leaving certain customers behind. Television and print ads allow you to connect with broader demographic and psychographic profiles by helping you stay connected with those living outside the social media bubble.

Instead of throwing traditional media to the wayside, marketers need to be clever and creative when developing strategies and campaigns. The focus needs to be on the big picture. Old media needs to be smarter and to be integrated with digital. Finding creative ways to start telling your story on old media, and continuing the conversation on new media is a great way to cross-channel your marketing efforts.  By effectively combining old and new media, you will see a huge impact because you’re surrounding your audience with a compelling story across different media channels.

As mentioned earlier, being clever and creative is key. You need to think beyond the QR code when cross-channeling your efforts to make connections. Unconventional methods that shift to fit consumers’ multi-tasking/cross-platform use will boost your reach to multiple demographics and increase engagement through both old and new media channels.

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