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My Google Reader has 136 unread posts. I love following blogs that are industry related as well as related to my personal interests, but it usually means me being a bit behind on my reading. Here’s a list of a few of my favorite blogs, which pertain to social media, the advertising industry, music and more.

Mashable – #1 social media resource in my opinion
Advertising Age – overall marketing and media news
All Facebook and Inside Facebook – sometimes I read the same information twice, but I like to have them both on my reader in case one of them reports something different
Muzzle of Bees – music blog which includes Milwaukee area concert announcements, album/after show reviews, etc
SmartBlog on Social Media – another great social media resource
GOOD – love this one. Topics vary, but generally they’re about ‘What is good right now’
PlatyBlog – yes…I’m one of the writers, but that’s not why this is on my list. I love reading the blogs from my coworkers!

I would love to hear about which blogs you follow and why. Of course, it’s always good to fill up my reader a little more 🙂 Thanks for your input!

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