Do you have a LinkedIn® strategy?

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I have been a user of LinkedIn since fall of 2003 which was shortly after it launched.  I have to admit my usage of the site has gone through many peaks and valleys over the past decade as other social media sites have captured my attention.  But lately I have noticed that my LinkedIn connection requests and activity have been on the rise.

This has prompted me to reflect how I have used the site in the past and write down a LinkedIn Strategy for 2013.  Here are a few of the things I plan on doing to help my business by using LinkedIn:


1.) Scan the updates page every morning for at least 5 minutes to see what my connections are up to.

2.) Spend one hour, one evening a week, reviewing the profile of any new connections and reading any interesting content posted by my connections.

3.) Send a personal message to at least one contact a day that I haven’t touched base with in the past six months.

4.) Respond to any messages sent to me within the next business day.

5.) Make at least two new business connections per week using the people search tools.

6.) Share at least one piece of interesting or helpful content with my connections per week.


This simple strategy should take me two hours a week or less…one of which I can do in the evening or before work on my laptop or iPad.  We all know that selling is a numbers game and the more at bats you get the better your success.  LinkedIn is a very powerful tool and I plan on using it even more in the year to come.  If you have any other tactics you would like to share I would love to hear from you.


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