A Greener Playing Field for Super Bowl XLV

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In case you haven’t been counting down the minutes like myself, this Sunday is Super Bowl XLV … Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers!

Thanks to a carbon offset program among the NFL, the Super Bowl Host Committee and the largest green energy supplier in North America, Just Energy, Super Bowl XLV will be the greenest on record. Under the program, Just Energy will purchase renewable energy certificates of wind power generated at Texas’ Sweetwater Wind Farm to offset the carbon emissions of the Super Bowl and make the event carbon neutral.

Just Energy estimates the event requires approximately the same amount of energy needed to power 1,500 homes for one year!

The NFL reported that the organization launched these other projects designed to address environmental impacts associated with the production of Super Bowl XLV:

• In partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, Texas Trees Foundation and the Texas Forest Service, thousands of trees are being planted in a dozen communities throughout North Texas as part of the overall “greening” of Super Bowl XLV. “Super Grow XLV” tree planting events are taking place at local schools, parks and playgrounds.

• As part of an ongoing program with federal and state agencies and nonprofit community organizations, the environmental impact of the thousands of trees planted over the past seven years in connection with Super Bowl (and Pro Bowl) is being monitored and will be reported on an annual basis. Annual calculations of environmental benefits will be certified by researchers from the U.S. Forest Service/USDA.

• Biofuels for transportation and field generators are being used wherever possible and practical. This includes a significant number of the buses in the Super Bowl transportation fleet.

• Solid waste is being diverted from local landfills through recycling projects at major event venues including Cowboys Stadium, the Super Bowl stadium compound, the Super Bowl XLV Media Center and the NFL Super Bowl headquarters offices.

• Extra prepared food from Super Bowl events will be collected and donated to community agencies. Several local agencies will participate under the leadership of the North Texas Food Bank and the Tarrant Area Food Bank. Tens of thousands of pounds of prepared food are expected to be recovered from sanctioned and non-sanctioned events. Food is distributed to shelters, community kitchens and churches throughout North Texas immediately after each participating event.

• All leftover, usable materials from Super Bowl events will be inventoried and donated to local non-profit agencies in North Texas. The Salvation Army is handling the sorting and distribution of recovered material. Donations include decorative materials, building materials, office supplies and equipment. For the second year in a row, the organization plans to convert miles of decor material into re-manufactured products. A portion of the profit from sales of those products goes to support community youth programs.

• The “Super Kids –Super Sharing” project provides an opportunity for local school children to donate their gently used books, sports equipment, board games and school supplies to children in need in North Texas. Partners include the Dallas Cowboys, the Salvation Army, the Catholic Dioceses of Dallas and Fort Worth, and school districts throughout North Texas. More than 100 North Texas schools have registered in advance to participate, and all donated items is being sorted, inventoried and distributed to local schools in need and to local youth programs

Learn more here: http://www.triplepundit.com/2011/01/green-super-bowl-xlv/

It’s nice to see so many companies embracing practices that help to protect the environment.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Super Bowl Sunday. Hopefully you’re cheering for the right team.


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