Would You Go Back To MySpace?

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In my little social networking world, MySpace is where it all began. I started a profile (customized with cool graphics and colors…awesome at the time, might I add) and added friends. I included photo albums, wrote on my friends’ walls, and updated my ‘about me’ section frequently.

These days, do I ever even log in to MySpace? No thanks! Why would I when I have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare to consistently keep up with? Honestly, I just don’t have time for a social networking platform that always manages to stay a few steps behind the others in terms of features and capabilities.

Well, the other day I read this article about how MySpace has a new strategy. Apparently MySpace is becoming “a social entertainment destination.” They’ll be focusing on four core behaviors: discovery, collection, connection and creation. Interesting.

While I’m definitely excited that MySpace is trying something new to win back its fans, I’m still leery. MySpace has made changes in the past that just didn’t add up in my book. I continue to keep my profile active, but rarely visit. To me, there just isn’t a benefit to log in anymore. All of my friends are elsewhere in the social world, and if I want to listen to local bands, I do so without even being prompted to log in to my account.

Overall, I am willing to give them another chance once the new MySpace is launched, so more power to them for refusing to die. I wonder how others feel about this though…would you ever go back to MySpace? Why or why not? Would love to hear your feedback!

Google Reader : Full

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My Google Reader has 136 unread posts. I love following blogs that are industry related as well as related to my personal interests, but it usually means me being a bit behind on my reading. Here’s a list of a few of my favorite blogs, which pertain to social media, the advertising industry, music and […]

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How do you handle negative comments?

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“I had an awful experience here and won’t come back!” How would you respond to this comment on Facebook or Twitter? The easiest response would be to delete the comment. Then no one will ever know it existed, and no one will think bad things about your company, right? Wrong. People DID see that comment. […]

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Learning Twitter in School?

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I received an email from a friend the other day asking for help, and was shocked when I opened up the attached word document. The retail class she took is requiring students to actively participate in Twitter. They’re required to start both a Twitter and Hootsuite account, follow relevant retail lists, actively tweet, and use […]

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