Episode 43: Katie Felten and Bridgette Palm Talk about Changing Perceptions in Manufacturing”


Katie Felten and Bridgette Palm are working to change perceptions about modern-day manufacturing. They are also providing support to support to women in marketing who work at manufacturing companies. On this episode of Brandstorm, the two women talk about the new association they have founded called Women in Marketing in Manufacturing, or WiMiM, and how they are helping the industry become agents of change.


Episode 42: The Benefits of a Corporate Wellness Program with Kristin Markey


We’ve all heard about corporate wellness programs, and while we are intrigued by them, only 24 percent of employees who have been offered one actually participate in them. On this episode of Brandstorm, we talk to Kristin Markey, founder of Nest Health Connections. Based in Colorado, Kristin and her staff provide a wholistic approach to creating healthy cultures within the workplace.



Episode 41: How Becoming An Author Can Enhance Your Brand with David Konkol


On today’s episode of Brandstorm, we welcome David Konkol, president of Konkol Custom Homes & Remodeling, LLC. As the author of the book Building Your Dream Home: What You Need To Know, David provides tips on how becoming a published author can enhance your brand.


Episode 40: Social PR Secrets with Lisa Buyer


On today’s episode of Brandstorm, we welcome Lisa Buyer, the founder of social PR agency The Buyer Group and the author of Social PR Secrets: How to Optimize, Socialize, and Publicize Your Brand. Lisa discusses how brands can best align their digital presence and how being an early adapter to the internet and social media has made her an industry thought leader in her space.