Episode 63: Making the most of a Seasonal Business with Mosquito Joe’s David Lepak

How do you keep a business going, when your service or product is seasonal? David Lepak owns a pest control service called Mosquito Joe of Waukesha County.  He shares his journey to buying a franchise and building a customer base of 600 in the first year.


Episode 62: Getting Strategic & Creative with All Over Media

Out of Home (OOH) advertising continues to get creative, finding more ways to be where people are conducting every day activities. On this episode of Brandstorm, Dan and Nancy talk Jake Johnson, VP & national sales director at All Over Media in Minneapolis to find out what’s new in OOH ads. (more…)

Episode 61: Creating Great Experiences with Hard Rock’s Joe Bravo

To be relevant in business, it’s all about the customer experience. On this episode of Brandstorm, Dan and Nancy talk to a man who makes a living keeping people happy. Joe Bravo is the Bars and Entertainment Director at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and is responsible for creating memorable experiences for guests.


Episode 60: Corporate Team Learning with Kyle Lacy of Lessonly

An educated and knowledgeable employee is a happier employee, according to our guest on this edition of #Brandstorm. Kyle Lacy is the VP of marketing at Lessonly, a modern team-building software company based in Indianapolis. The company provides online training software for those in sales, customer service and any other customer-facing role. Its biggest customers include the retail, telecom and software industries.