Episode 5: Brandstorm Talks with Doctor Jerry Tepliz


In this episode, we welcome the Energy Doctor, Jerry Teplitz. Dr. Teplitz is the keynote speaker at the 2017 Wisconsin Healthcare Public Relations & Marketing Society Conference (WHPRMS) in Sheboygan, Wis. He is presenting on Behavioral Kinesiology and how it can be applied to creating better websites and marketing materials.  (more…)

Episode 4: Brandstorm Talks with Aimee Matchette of Elements Massage Whitefish Bay


In this episode, we welcome Aimee Matchette of Elements Massage. Aimee is an Elements Massage franchise owner and Area Director. She is here to talk with us about how to choose a franchise. (more…)

Episode 3: Brandstorm Talks with Jenna Hauca of Generator Media + Analytics


In this episode, we welcome Jenna Hauca, from Generator Media + Analytics. Jenna is the Vice President of Innovation & Technology at Generator and is here to talk with us about transparency, accountability, and data automation. (more…)

Episode 2: Brandstorm Talks with Eric Loferski of Zurn Industries


In today’s episode, we are talking with Eric Loferski, director of marketing at Zurn Industries, about marketing a sustainable business. (more…)