Episode 11: Brandstorm Talks With David King, Founder of Ethical Wiki

Brandstorm would like to welcome David King to the show. David is the founder of Ethical Wiki, a Wikipedia consultancy that was started in 2011. In this episode, David talks about the online encyclopedia, what subject matter qualifies for a great page and Wikipedia’s best practices.  (more…)

Episode 10: Brandstorm Talks With John Morrissett from Erin Hills Golf Course


Brandstorm would like to welcome John Morrissett to the show. John is the Competitions and Marketing Director at Erin Hills Golf Course. He is here to talk about his experience with the 2017 US Open, which was hosted at Erin Hills this past June.  (more…)

Episode 9: Brandstorm Talks with Fred Driver of d.trio marketing group


Brandstorm would like to welcome Fred Driver to the show. Fred is one of the founding partners at d.trio, a marketing group in Minneapolis. He is here today to talk about the resurgence of print and how direct mail is still both relevant and effective.  (more…)

Episode 8: Brandstorm Talks with Craig Kuper of ShoreCrest Mortgage Company


Brandstorm would like to welcome Craig Kuper to the show. Craig is the owner/mortgage broker, of ShoreCrest Mortgage Company, and is here today to talk about marketing brands in a crowded space.  (more…)