Mary Adamczak
Senior Art Director

Mary brings to Platypus a wealth of creative experience matched only by her relentless commitment to produce breakthrough design solutions. Mary creates work that excites, motivates, inspires and rewards — sometimes all at once. Her talents have been called upon time and again by such leading names as Johnson Controls, Sensient Technologies, Bayfield Chamber of Commerce & Visitor Bureau, Kesslers Diamonds, Azana Salon & Spa, Prairie Orthodontics and more. And if it weren’t for their ticky-tacky age limits, the judges of “American Idol” would also get to experience Mary’s talents as a singer extraordinaire.

Tim Chiappetta
Senior Art Director
Motion Graphics

When not planning his Halloween Horror extravaganza, Tim spends his time creating truly moving experiences. Motion graphics that is. Images that dance and twist and captivate the imagination of all who watch. Each of these Spielbergian productions is riddled with subliminal messages that convince our clients’ customers to buy a certain product, attend a certain event or just think nice thoughts about the topic at hand. He’s done it for a wide array of clients including Zebra Technologies, ESPN Radio, Marcus Theatres, George Webb Restaurants and the Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) awards.

Walter Grace
Senior Art Director

It’s not a coincidence that a “No Practical Jokes” sign hangs in Walter’s area. Left to his own devices every phone receiver would be hot-glued down, every photo would have a mustache drawn on it and the train that occasionally stops behind our office would constantly be adorned with large magnetic pictures of Gary. But don’t get the wrong idea. When he sets his mind to it, Walter has no equal. His design captures the imagination and delivers the message with streamlined, visually powerful statements that matter.

Rick Gundrum
Audio Engineer

A perfectly timed sound effect. A soundtrack that rises to an exhilarating crescendo at just the right moment. A deep baritone that puts more inflection into a radio soliloquy than Shatner could ever imagine. That’s Rick. He has consistently created magic in our sound editing booth for such well known clients as Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Schlossmann’s Auto Group and San Jamar.

Gary Haas
Associate Partner
Creative Director

What if you could craft a message in such a way that the content was on target and the delivery was totally engaging. That’s been Gary’s mission from day one. It’s not enough to just understand what a client wants to say, you need to understand what they are trying to accomplish. Only then can you hone that message down to its essence and package it in a manner that will not only attract attention, but enhance meaning and understanding. Done right, intelligent design can be a powerful tool.

Greg Hendricks
Art Director

The latest addition to the Creative Department, “Super Greg”, is our swiss-army knife. He started his camping trip as an intern, but quickly carved out a niche with his varied skillset and nimble footwork. His cleverness helps him whittle through video, print and web projects alike. His work can be seen in a wide variety of clients such as Schlossman’s Auto Group, GO Riteway and Noah’s Ark Waterpark.

Rich Ratay
Associate Partner
Creative Director

Over the course of his 17-year career in advertising, Rich has helped define and shape such leading national brands as Comcast, Cablevision, Adelphia and popular cable networks Bravo and American Movie Classics. Recently, he has created award-winning campaigns for Noah’s Ark Waterpark, the Milwaukee County Zoo and George Webb Restaurants. Somewhere buried in Rich’s basement is a box of industry awards, including two EMMY Awards, which he hopes to one day sell on eBay in order to fund an expedition into the Himalayas to prove the existence of the Yeti. In his spare time, Rich trains for an occasional Ironman competition.

Tony Smith
Director of Scouting
& Recruitment

Even from his earliest days Tony knew how to make the most of a situation. With a casual tilt of his head and a subtle glance to the left, he would explode through the slightest of holes. Defying gravity. Dazzling the competition. Dishing the rock. Delivering results. He did it flawlessly at Marquette and with the Los Angeles Lakers. And now he’s at Team Platypus making the most of every opportunity, finding the open man and making all of his teammates look better as a result.

Kathy Sorcan
Media Director

When it comes to media planning, negotiating and buying, Kathy has more than 22 years of experience. No one’s better at ensuring clients get rock-bottom rates and every last value-added bonus possible. Just ask Dan, our president. He used to have to negotiate with Kathy from the other side of the table. In fact, that’s why he hired her to direct all of our media efforts. Her extensive broadcast experience includes purchasing network TV, national spot TV in major markets, network cable and spot radio for such noteworthy brands as Ameritech, Pepsi, Master Lock, Wisconsin Bell, Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Olive Garden Restaurants and George Webb.

Chris Taylor
Art Director

C-c-c-c-courage. Starting with his exhilarating performance as the lion in his 5th grade production of the Wizard of Oz, Chris has always had a passion for the arts. Originally he came to us as a design intern, but he quickly proved his worth and upon graduating became a full-time Art Director. Today, he works on projects ranging from web and print design to email marketing and more. His talents can be seen in work for Noah’s Ark Waterpark, San Jamar-Chef Revival, Marshall & Swift Boeckh, Indian Summer Festivals and others.

Dan Trzinski

For more than 20 years, his name was on the door prior to our becoming Platypus. And for good reason. Dan brings a formidable array of talents and insight to the table in the areas of emerging media, strategic planning, market research, and media planning. One of his lifelong dreams was fulfilled when he finally got the call he’d been waiting for from the Milwaukee Brewers – only they didn’t want him to bat clean-up, they wanted him to lead consumer focus groups and analyze reaction to several new marketing concepts. Dan’s skills and marketing insights are also called upon by Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Potawatomi Carter Casino, and PyraMax Bank.

Danielle Veitch
Accounting Manager

Danielle is used to working with different characters from her days as an office manager in the construction business. Now she works on the numbers with clients and the staff here at Platypus – world-renown as a cast of characters. Depending on her mood, it could be classic or hard rock played in her office to break the silence. Don’t be surprised if there’s a hidden Pink Floyd reference on your invoice.

Nancy Wilkes
Director of Public Relations

If a product, program or service becomes the talk of the town, it’s often because Nancy made it so. A veteran of Public Relations and TV Production, Nancy knows how to create a buzz. As our PR Director, Nancy keeps Noah’s Ark Waterpark, Professional Plumbers & Contractors, PyraMax Bank and other clients in the news & on everyone’s lips. Prior to joining us, Nancy served as an independent public relations consultant for a long list of clients in the public service sector, financial and healthcare markets and more. Her experience includes media relations, community relations, image enhancement, brand repositioning and TV / Radio promotion.