At Platypus, we don’t create ads, We don’t create brand identities. We don’t design websites. So what do we do? We solve our clients’ unique marketing challenges. Sometimes those solutions may turn out to be an ad, or a brand identity or a website. Or some combination. Or it may turn out to be something else entirely. Our creative process to arrive at those solutions is simple. We hire smart, talented people. We lock them in a room with your toughest marketing challenges. Then we don’t let them out until they come back with jaw-dropping, hair straightening, slap-your-forehead-and-say “That’s IT!!” - type ideas.

The initial phase of every project begins with learning. Simply gathering information. From the well-documented to the anecdotal. We wet our index finger and hold it firmly in the air. We take the temperature of the surroundings. We ask lots of questions. Every morsel of information that can provide insight and eventually guide and inspire our thinking is considered. Through this informed exploration we define the objectives, evaluate the playing field, size up the opposition and anticipate the conditions that will impact the process.

This is where analysis becomes insight. Once the research is gathered and the project is defined we pull the “What if” team together. They are veteran explorers, well-trained in the art of dissecting problems, considering alternatives and articulating ideas. Here, collaboration allows key concepts to be thoroughly examined. Holes are poked. Thinking is rethunk. A rationale forms, a direction is defined, and concensus is reached. This is where our wide ranging capabilities come into play. Collectively we address the full spectrum of our client’s needs and solutions, all while maintaining a unified perspective.

Now it’s time for some magic. A well-defined process will lay the groundwork for good decision making, but process alone will never guarantee success. Truly inspired solutions are intelligent and practical, but they also need to stir the soul and instill an emotional response. At Platypus, we have gone to great lengths to assemble a pool of talent that will make a genuine difference for you. We are always looking for ways to better connect you with your customers. We don’t just create we create an advantage.