How do you go about getting your products in shopping feeds? On this episode of #Brandstorm, meet the co-founder and chief architect of Feedonomics, an advanced shopping feed management system that easily lets you import, optimize, and feed products to multiple channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay and just about anywhere else.
What is Feedonomics?

Brian Roizen and his brother never set out to create a shopping feed management system. They were both working at an ad agency and were responsible for getting their clients’ products on online shopping channels. Out of frustration with having to work with clunky, legacy feed platforms that needed far more scale, had bad customer service and lengthy contracts, the brothers wondered what would happen if they changed the product data around?

Almost immediately, their clients’ products started showing up in feeds. By using rich keywords that people search for in the product titles, descriptions and other attributes of products data, they were able to get the products to perform better.

It was a Eureka moment and the start of a new company. Feedonomics is now a full-service feed platform that works with 30 percent of the top 1,000 retailers. Its 110 employees provide 24/7 support with offices in the U.S., Australia, Canada, India, Philippines, South Africa and the United Kingdom.


Getting Started

Large or small, if you are a retailer with prices and inventory that change frequently, Brian says it makes sense to be working with a feed management system. Feedonomics charges a flat, monthly rate that usually runs about $200 – $300 and there are no contracts to comply with. Ad spending is over and above the monthly fee and is handled by the client or ad agency. Feedonomics simply manages shopping feeds.

To get started, Feedonomics needs a way to get your product data into the system. The company has created dozens of application-programming interfaces, or APIs, with the most common e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Magento and Square Space. If you are still working with a legacy feed platform, Feedonomics can crawl your website to create the feed as well. It typically takes about three weeks to go live.

Feedonomics works with just about every advertising channel and marketplace in existence, including search channels like Bing and Google Shopping, remarketing channels Facebook and AdRoll, affiliate channels like Pepperjam and Commission Junction and even the shopping behemoths like Amazon.


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