John Kuehl’s biggest argument with his wife was deciding where to eat. According to John, you can search the Internet to find just about any product, but when it comes to food, you get a list of places. That got him thinking, what if you could search what kind of food you wanted? Better yet, what if you could articulate what you were in the mood for – something that’s comforting, gluten-free or savory? John’s answer was a new website called He joins us on #Brandstorm to talk about how he hopes someday hungry people will say, “let’s Hankr that.”

The Hankr Way

Different than a review-based platform like Yelp, Hankr puts food first. It’s an aggregator that helps you in the early stages of the decision process. Hankering for tacos? Search the internet and you’ll get dozens of pictures of tacos. Click on the picture and you’ll discover where you can go to get that taco. Hankr offers true-to-life, quality and consistent visual representations of the food that you will see at that restaurant every day.

Helping the Restaurateur

John is on a mission to help destination marketers, restaurant owners, hoteliers, sports venues and resorts be more successful. He formerly worked at and says that while food venues are valuable content for Destination Marketers, getting restaurants to provide content and assets for a community’s website is challenging. Restaurants must be on Yelp, but John adds they are losing attention and search traffic to Google. Hankr is countering by providing unique, relevant content that is a better experience for visitors. Depending on a food venue or restaurant’s needs and capabilities, John’s company can provide the photographers, shoot photography and do all the content and tagging on the website. Hankr also partners with Eat Street (a Madison-based food delivery service) to provide food delivery in the markets it serves, including Milwaukee, Madison, Minocqua and Cedarburg in Wisconsin, plus Richmond, Va., New Brunswick, Conn., and others.

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