This week’s Brandstorm guest is a globally-recognized speaker on leadership, culture and marketing, the author of “The Content Book” and the CEO of Marketing Insider Group. His marketing prowess has captured the attention of The Guardian, Entrepreneur Magazine, and The Economist. Michael Brenner joins #Brandstorm to talk about content marketing strategies and how marketers can be more engaging with consumers.

The Content Pool

Contrary to what we may think, Michael says no company suffers from a lack of content.  They just need a strategy behind it. Marketers tend to want to promote what they think is awesome about the brand, but not what consumers want.  He calls it “marketing myopia,” or useless propaganda. Every product has a need to fulfill and a problem to solve. Brands simply don’t spend enough time talking and gaining trust about the problem, but they do like to talk about the solution they are selling. As brand marketers, we need to spend 98 percent of our time talking about the problem and owning it. The bottom line, be helpful, educate and inform.

Content Marketing Tools

Michael’s predicted trend for 2019 is to have the ability to personalize content at the right time to the right person. His recommended tools for making content marketing easier are Buzzsumo, which allows you to type in any website or keyword and it will show the most shared content for that site or keyword. He also recommends Click on “content marketing,” type in a keyword and the site will tell you all the who, what, when, where and how questions people are asking about that keyword. Michael also says AI-driven or Power Content Marketing tools are getting a lot of buzz these days.

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