Finding a captive audience to deliver your advertising message is always challenging. On Episode 51 of Brandstorm, Becky Colman of Fuel Montana Media tells us why Gas Pump TV is an effective way to reach consumers with relevant, local content.

Getting Started

Business ownership has always interested Becky Colman. She tells us how she became a part of Fuel Montana Media and why it seemed like an exciting and innovative way to get into business ownership. We learn how Gas Pump TV works and why Becky believes maintaining a strong relationship with your clients is so important in this industry. Becky also discusses how she is planning to expand her business without compromising the personal service that makes her company successful.

Contracting Content

Creating relevant and engaging programming at the pump is critical. Becky says Fuel MT Media contracts with their local CBS affiliate to provide news, weather and sports. Ads are typically provided by the advertiser; however, Becky does have a partnership with a production company to create ads when needed. Ad lengths can vary, but Becky prefers 15-second ads at the pump.  The ads are interspersed with news, weather, sports and comedy to provide a five-minute loop of content, which is the average time consumers spend at the pump.

Effectiveness of Ads

Becky says she’s biased, but she gets consistent, positive feedback from her clients about the effectiveness of gas pump advertising. Advertisers can be strategic in determining the location of where the ads run and in which daypart. Some advertisers can tie in with products that they sell at the gas station, offering discounts at the pump and there is technology being developed to deliver coupons to your mobile device, although it is currently not recommended to use mobile phones by the gas pump.

For advertisers looking to buy time at the gas pump, Becky says Fuel MT media also advertises their contact information at the pump or you can contact Becky personally with the information below.

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