Sometimes called premiums or swag, promotional merchandise is used to promote companies, brands or events with logos or slogans on products. On this edition of Brandstorm, Josh Kozinski, founder and chief business development officer at Sky High Marketing, talks about the promotional products industry, what’s trending and how his company is meeting the growing demand for his services.

Sky High Marketing

Founded in 1997, Sky High Marketing is an $8 million company with 22 employees and locations in Waukesha, Wis., and Las Vegas. The company works with mid- to large-sized companies to help promote them through branded merchandise. According to Josh, Sky High Marketing can source any product you can brand or put a logo on.

State of the Premium Product Industry

The promotional product industry has never been healthier. Sales increased by nine percent from 2016 to 2017 and is a $23 billion industry. Companies are constantly looking for ways for companies, like Sky High Marketing, to get their brand in front of their customers. The healthcare, financial, manufacturing and insurance companies are the largest consumers of promotional products.

What’s Trending?

Companies are constantly looking for ways for companies like Sky High Marketing to get their brand in front of their customers. Josh says that while companies are always looking for outside-the-box ideas, staple items like pens, polo shirts and coffee mugs are still popular because of their long-term usability in the home or office. And while the product may be the same, the delivery of that product is definitely changing. Josh recalls recently taking a t-shirt for a casino client, compressing it so it looks like slot machine and then shrink wrapping it for delivery to the casino’s customers. Sky High Marketing’s ability to be a one-stop resource for products, packaging and delivery fulfilment is a point-of-difference in this competitive industry.

Tech-related products, like power banks, Bluetooth speakers or charging stations, are increasingly popular as promotional products, as well as lifestyle items such as imprinted blankets, refrigerator magnets and pizza cutters.

Co-branding with quality name brands is also trending. Companies like Under Armour, Patagonia and Yeti are responding to the number of businesses interested in having their brands on quality products as long as they meet brand standards.

Game Changers

The internet has definitely been a game changer for companies like Sky High Marketing, not only in how quickly companies must respond to requests, but also the speed in which the products can be delivered. Josh says its preferred provider network is also a competitive point-of-difference. Each of Sky High Marketing’s vendors have been carefully vetted, as well as the vendor’s providers.

Sky High Marketing also creates virtual stores for its clients and offers in-house warehousing fulfilment services, where products are stored and shipped when purchased online. The company has an in-house design team and recently brought back embroidery services.





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