Placekicker Chris Jacke shares what he’s been up to since he left the Green Bay Packers and the NFL on this episode of Brandstorm.  Jacke talks about his company, Packer Alumni Resources, his new team of players and how to sign up a Packers legend for your next event.

Chris Jacke

Chris Jacke is a former football placekicker best known for playing for the Green Bay Packers in the National Football League. Jacke was drafted by the Green Bay Packers in the sixth round of the 1989 NFL Draft. He went on to play eight seasons with the Packers from 1989 to 1996. In his last year with the Packers, he assisted the Packers to a 13-3 record and a win in Super Bowl XXXI, defeating the New England Patriots. When he left the NFL, Jacke took a few years off to be with his family. He became a licensed financial planner, and in 2013, was inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame, the same year he founded his company, Packer Alumni Resources.

Packer Alumni Resources

Jacke’s induction into the Packers Hall of Fame inspired numerous offers for him to speak at corporate events, play in golf outings, and assist in fund-raisers. His wife, Terry, who is also a business consultant, felt Jacke would have a lot more fun doing these types of engagements than financial planning and he agreed. While Jacke intended to promote himself in the beginning, after talking to other football players who were making appearances, like Gilbert Brown, Frank Winters and William Henderson, he realized most of them did not have an Internet presence or website. With their permission, Jacke put their photos on his website and offered to help set up any events that came in.

Today, Packer Alumni Resources has any impressive roster of former Packers players in addition to the previous players mentioned, including Jerry Kramer, Lynn Dickey, George Koonce, Ahman Green and Kabeer Gbala-Biamila (KGB).

Currently, Jacke only works with former Packers players, but is considering expanding and working with other football franchises.

Greatest Packers Memories

Jacke’s greatest memories of his time in the NFL are his first field goal, the year the Packers were called the “Cardiac Pack” in 1989, and the Monday Night Football game when the Packers went into overtime against the San Francisco 49ers and Jacke kicked a long field goal to win the game.

Jacke was also with the Packers during their transformation from the Lindy Infante era to the Mike Holmgren era. In 1989, after a terrific 10-6 season, Jacke was sure the team would be contenders the following year with players like Don Majkowski, Sterling Sharpe and Brian Noble returning to play. The Packers would go on to 4-12 season the next two years. Through it all, Jacke loved the game, had fun and was proud to be a part of it all.

Promotional Opportunities

Jacke’s team is available for almost any type of event, including church fund-raisers, corporate meetings, employee training, golf outings, and hunting and fishing expeditions. Jacke and his wife do their best to match the stories of former football players with the needs of the organizations inquiring.  George Koonce, for instance, likes to talk about perseverance, growing up in tiny shack on a dirt road and rising to become a Super Bowl Champion and later earning his PhD. Jacke often talks about transformation, citing the moves of Bob Harlan bringing in Ron Wolfe, and the domino effect of having a new coaching staff and players. The team was so different, Jacke says when the Packers won the Super Bowl in 1997, he and LeRoy Butler were the only players remaining from the Infante team. The Packers changed everything behind-the-scenes, too…the training rooms and weight rooms and recruiting Reggie White, who would become an ambassador for bringing in other players who wanted to play for the Packers.

Jacke ties this story in with leadership and corporate America. You have to put the right people in place to successfully lead.

Marketing His Company

Jacke uses social media and the personal contacts he and his wife know to market his company. In the early days, he would invite Packers sponsors and others for coffee to get their feedback about what he wanted to do with his company. It has helped shaped the company he has now, five years later.

Benefits of Celebrity Appearances

Jacke and his team get a lot of great feedback from their speeches. When companies conduct day-long meetings, it is helpful to break up the day with an appearance by a former Green Bay Packer who can share a story that is relevant to the goals the company is trying to achieve. Jacke also likes to help causes raise money by posting on his social media sites and helping to raise funds for charities at golf outings. Costs vary for celebrity appearances, depending on the player and the budget of the company.

Contacting Chris Jacke

The best way to reach Jacke is through his website, which also has his email and phone number. He is also available through social media. Jacke says he makes a point to respond to inquiries within 24 to 48 hours, depending on if it’s a weekend or a sunny day in Wisconsin. ????





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