In this episode of Brandstorm, we welcome Jayson Pearl, president of ServiceScore. Jayson discusses how ServiceScore helps businesses in the service industry convert more phone inquiries into appointments by using technology and best practices.

Jayson Pearl
Jayson’s career in the franchise industry spans over 30 years, with companies such as San Jamar, Rocky Rococo and BrightStar, all of which he helped turn-around or grow. While working on a customer service project for BrightStar, Jayson caught the entrepreneurial bug and launched his own company, called ServiceScore, in February of this year.

ServiceScore helps businesses that receive a minimum of about 100 phone calls per month maximize their sales opportunities and drive conversion rates. Jayson sees the biggest way to assist franchisees with profitability is to help them make the most of where they’re already spending money, including advertising, developing sales staff and integrated phone systems. ServiceScore does this with proprietary technology that analyzes phone inquiries and helps train sales staff.

Addressing Customer Service Gaps
Jayson describes the anatomy of a positive phone interaction in three steps: making a positive first impression; uncovering a need that shows the value of a company’s service; and being comfortable in asking the caller for the next step, be it a sale, an appointment or another tangible action. He finds that employees, and even business owners, often simply answer questions, instead of moving towards that crucial third step. By using ServiceScore’s acronym of a G.R.E.A.T. call — Greeting, Rapport, Expertise, Asking for Appointment, and Overall Tone — Jayson has seen significant improvements in conversions by addressing customer service gaps with quantitative, objective methods.

More Than Just Sales
Jayson has also noticed that about one-third of all calls are regarding employment opportunities. In today’s modern age, perspective hires would prefer to not fill out a form, but instead call a business directly to learn about benefits, potential hours of work and other deciding factors. In an economy that can be tough for plumbers, nurses or handymen, recruiting those team members can be the biggest barrier to a company’s growth. ServiceScore’s methods have increased the number of interviews and new hires for companies, by making a good first impression with potential hires and giving them a reason to want to take the next step.

Technology and Data
ServiceScore offers two products: a live specialist who reviews calls and scores them accordingly; and call intelligence reporting, which is a proprietary platform using natural-learning technology. Calls are converted to text and scanned for keywords, sentiment analysis and more. Jayson explains that through good tracking methods, you can learn how to truly improve on metrics. General best practices make everyone better, but examining calls can also let business owners hear things that may be incorrect or against brand standards, so their staff can be better prepared and more knowledgeable.

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