In this episode of Brandstorm, we welcome the CEO of Exposure Magazine, Tam Lawrence. Already in Chicago and Atlanta, Exposure launches in Milwaukee in April. Tam talks about the mission of her publication, the inspiring stories it showcases and why advertisers and corporations should work with minority-owned networks and publications.

Tam Lawrence
As a former public relations director, Tam has more than 20 years of experience in marketing and PR, representing clients from the NFL and working for the DNC as well as Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” television series. Originally from Milwaukee, Tam received her Bachelor’s degree at Marquette University and her Master’s at Kent State University. She also had a career in stand-up comedy, sharing the stage with Jamie Foxx and Wayne Brady.

Exposure Magazine
Available in print and online, Exposure reaches 2.5 million readers daily. Exposure publishes stories that inspire readers to do something good for themselves and others. While working with NFL players, she witnessed the cognitive issues the men experienced after repeated concussions and tried to get mainstream media to cover the story. When they didn’t, she created her own bully pulpit through her publication to advocate for others. When Exposure launches in Milwaukee this April, the focus will be on lead concerns in the City’s water system and the adverse effect it is having on children in the inner city.

Lack of Diversity In Advertising
With minorities contributing $1.5 trillion to the American economy each year, Tam explains why corporations need to be more diverse and inclusive to minority advertising. Millennials make purchases with companies that are representative of their age, gender and ethnicity. Consumers, in general, are more conscientious about the brands they support and buy, and are attracted to corporations that are socially active and taking on causes.

Minority Media Matters Movement
Tam launched the Minority Media Matters Movement to give voice to minority issues in the media. Members in the movement include: Art Norman with NBC; Quincy Newell, exec. VP and GM of Codeblack Films; and Cathy Hughes, the founder of TV One and Radio One, and the first African-American woman to head a publicly-traded corporation. The movement’s first summit will be held in May 2019 in Tulsa, OK.

Contact Tam:
Phone: (414) 533-7239