In this episode of Brandstorm, we welcome Elzie Flenard, general manager of internet radio station WQYL-DB. Elzie is here to talk about why he founded WQYL-DB, its benefits to both listeners and brands, and why companies should be paying attention to digital broadcast possibilities.

Elzie Flenard
An entrepreneur and host of his own internet radio show/podcast on WQYL-DB, titled Enterprise NOW!, Elzie says he began his station with the goal of what he calls “The Three C’s: Connecting, Communicating and Cultivating.” In an age where heavily-segmented audiences are both a blessing and a curse and it has become increasingly hard to reach your preferred demographic, Elzie tells us “why” what he’s accomplishing keeps him going, and how he is constantly thinking about the “why” to help fellow entrepreneurs or companies withstand hardships or slow times.

Available via your web browser – or on streaming platforms such as iTunes Radio, Pandora, iHeartRadio or TuneIn – WQYL-DB broadcasts a wide range of talk-radio programming. Depending on when you listen, you can catch shows focusing on business, sports, pop culture, mental health, music and more.

Enterprise NOW!
Elzie refers to himself as an “entrepreneur junkie” who loves to talk business, meet new people in different industries and learn the stories and backgrounds of business owners and fellow entrepreneurs who share his passion. On Enterprise NOW!, Elzie welcomes a healthy mix of entrepreneurs, whether they’re just starting up or own a multi-million dollar business. He feels the diversity of his guests contributes to the passion he’s trying to capture on his program.

Internet Radio Costs
Launching an Internet radio station or program can be done on a shoestring budget, but those looking to dive in need to balance their expectations of what they can get out of it with what they put in. Those entering the field need a strategy, commitment, marketing, branding, and the investment to make the brand successful.

Why Brands Should Explore Internet Radio
Although the physical act of listening may be similar, internet radio listeners are different from those who tune in to terrestrial radio and even those who enjoy podcasts. To communicate with your “tribe” – Elzie’s synonym for your audience – exploring the potential of internet broadcasting may be a great way to enhance your brand.

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