In this episode of Brandstorm, we welcome Doug Fox to the show. Doug is here to talk about investor relations and communications, and share his thoughts on topics ESGs, cryptocurrency, and more. 

Doug Fox
Doug is accomplished in investor relations and communications, and is a finance executive with broad and deep experience. He is a trusted management adviser, with the highest level of credibility and record of leadership. Doug has extensive and enduring relationships across Wall Street, and has spent half of his career on the agency side of things, and the other half focusing on public companies.

Clermont Partners
Clermont Partners helps companies navigate change. They work with clients to execute effective, customized strategies that drive positive investor engagement, value and reputation. Clermont helps companies ensure that their investment communications resonate the right way with the investment community. This may be through press releases, conference calls, presentations, investor messaging, annual reports, or websites.

Evolution of Wall Street
The evolution of Wall Street over the years are both good and bad. Many of the changes have been driven by technology. There has been an evolution of investing in the terms of retail investing versus institutional investing. Additionally, there has been a rise in passive investing, as well as growth in electronic trading.

Rapid Decline of IPOs
There has been a rapid decline of IPOs, which is evident by the shrinking number of public companies. Several aspects factor in this, including:
The rise of private equity
Venture capital
Merger and acquisition activity
Different public markets

Communication Tactics
Communicating in a way that resonates with investors is a top priority for investment companies. Press releases play a vital role in communication when executed with value. Websites and social media are becoming increasingly important components of communication for investment companies. Websites offer the opportunity to share real-time information with investors. Websites and social media both provide a place to communicate ESGs and other corporate responsibilities, which are gaining momentum in the eyes of investors.

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