In this episode of Brandstorm, we welcome Dean Maytag to the show. Dean is here to talk about a regional television show where local entrepreneurs and their ideas are put to the ultimate test. “Project Pitch It” is returning for its second season next month, and we are getting a behind-the-scenes look of how the show works and what it takes to earn an opportunity to pitch a project to the moguls. 

Dean Maytag
Dean has a strong background in broadcasting with over 26 years as the Director of Broadcast Ops at WISN-TV. He’s  also a Board Member of the Wisconsin Broadcasters Association, and is currently the co-producer of “Project Pitch It”.

“Project Pitch It”
Recorded at Big Chair Studio, “Project Pitch It” features three aspiring — and often inspiring — Wisconsin entrepreneurs each week. The entrepreneurs get the chance to pitch their innovative new ideas to a panel of local business moguls. These successful self-made millionaires then pepper the entrepreneurs with questions, assess the potential of each idea and finally present awards with a total value of nearly $30,000 designed to help each entrepreneur move their business to the next step.

The awards range from free tuition, mentoring and office space at Cardinal Stritch University, a business dinner with potential advisors and investors from the Lubar Entrepreneurship Center or $10,000 cash.

Meet the Moguls
“Project Pitch It” moguls are the show judges. This season the show welcomes both new and returning moguls. To learn more about the expert panelists, please visit

Deb Allen

Tina Chang

Peter Feigin

David Gruber

Nancy Hernandez

Jerry Jendusa

Jim Lindberg

Best Advice
The best advice that Dean has to offer to entrepreneurs in the start-up phase is to:

Know your product

Be targeted

Be able to explain your product quickly and concisely

Have a passion for the product

Demonstrate personality

Season 2 of “Project Pitch It” will air early February. Please check your local listings for precise dates and times.