In this episode of Brandstorm, we welcome Anthony Arbucias to the show. Anthony is here to talk about the evolution of cord cutting and how to advertise in a world with many different mediums and content consumption choices. 

Anthony Arbucias
Anthony is the General Sales Manager at WISN-TV 12 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He leads a team of marketing and advertising professionals who provide solutions that deliver measurable return on investment across television, web, and mobile media platforms.

What is Cord Cutting?
Cord cutting is related to the unsubscribing from cable and satellite television services. It refers to getting access to television through an antenna only, or through streaming television services.

OTT, or Over-the-Top, streaming refers to the delivery of film and television content outside of the traditional means of television. People viewing and advertising in the OTT sector are viewing/advertising through services like Apple TV, Roku, Hulu, etc.  OTT streaming reaches an audience in a manner similar to traditional television.

How Digital Impacts Cable/Satellite TV
Television is far from dead, but rather evolving. Cable and satellite companies are simply adapting to the ever-changing industry and are putting a focus on the importance of generating great content.

Best Advice
The best advice that Anthony can offer when advertising amidst the variety of mediums offered today include:

  • Have a good sense of what you’re trying to accomplish with your advertising
  • Be disciplined
  • Work within your budget

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