Brandstorm would like to welcome John Morrissett to the show. John is the Competitions and Marketing Director at Erin Hills Golf Course. He is here to talk about his experience with the 2017 US Open, which was hosted at Erin Hills this past June. 

John Morrissett
For more than 7 years John has been the Competitions and Marketing Director at Erin Hills Golf Course. His role entails overseeing printed and digital marketing materials, social media, the website, and media relations. John has a strong background in the area of golf, as he was the Rules of Golf Director with the United States Golf Association (USGA) for 17 years.

2017 US Open
John shares his experience with being a part of the 2017 US Open; the first US Open to be held in the state of Wisconsin. He discusses some of the planning details for the event, which actually started prior to the opening of Erin Hills.

Brand Exposure
Erin Hills received a tremendous amount of exposure from hosting the US Open which boosted their brand. However, John notes the importance of being mindful to not take anything for granted, or opportunities could be missed.

Tips When Considering Hosting Large Events

  • Give yourself and your venue a brutally honest self-assessment
  • Determine your strengths and what you/your venue have to offer
  • Attend and evaluate the specific events you’d like to host
  • Start conversations with pertinent people

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