Brandstorm would like to welcome Fred Driver to the show. Fred is one of the founding partners at d.trio, a marketing group in Minneapolis. He is here today to talk about the resurgence of print and how direct mail is still both relevant and effective. 

Fred Driver
Fred is a founding partner and owner at d.trio, a marketing group in Minneapolis. While the firm offers a wide spectrum of marketing services, it has done extensive work with direct mail and digital marketing. In fact, Fred has been recognized nationally for his expertise in direct marketing and helped a client win Direct Marketer of the Year from the Atlanta DMA.

Direct Mail (DM)
Direct marketing is making a big comeback and is a very viable and effective method to strengthening a marketing campaign. Fred discusses why DM is so effective, the best ways to integrate DM with digital, and how email marketing is fueling the revival of DM.

Marketing to Millennials
Fred also shares surprising stats about marketing to Millennials. He debunks some common myths on the topic and emphasizes the importance of delivering clear, relevant messages to the demographic.

Key Takeaway
Integrating digital with direct mail will help you get the most from your marketing efforts.

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