Brandstorm would like to welcome Craig Kuper to the show. Craig is the owner/mortgage broker, of ShoreCrest Mortgage Company, and is here today to talk about marketing brands in a crowded space. 

Craig Kuper
Craig has been a David against Goliath for most of his career, having created standout marketing campaigns with companies like Concept Coach Builders, National Telecom, Red Carpet Leisure, Silverbird Lanes, and the Grand Milwaukee Hotel. He founded ShoreCrest Mortgage Company just over 14 years ago and has used his marketing prowess to leave a lasting impression clients and secure strong bonds with his clients.

Marketing in a Crowded Space
Craig shares some of his fun and wildly successful marketing campaigns from past careers. He also talks about standing out in the mortgage world. He emphasizes the importance of the customer experience, being able to walk clients through every step of the mortgage process, and leaving a lasting impression that brings repeat business from his clients.

Keeping Happy Employees
Craig also talks about the importance of having employees that thrive in the company culture. He describes a couple of the employee incentive programs he used in the past to build a fun, positive culture that kept employees excited to be at their jobs.

Key Takeaways

  • Never be afraid to fail
  • Be willing to try off-the-wall techniques
  • Customer experience is key

Contact Craig Kuper:
Phone: (262) 241-4300