Brandstorm would like to welcome Bob Menefee to the show. Bob is the Development Director at Variety – the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin and is here today to talk about brand confusion.

Bob Menefee
Bob has a background in entertainment, having spent over 12 years as the Vice President of Marcus Theatres Corporation. He is currently the Development Director at Variety – the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin, an organization with roots in show business that originated after an infant was left in a Pittsburgh movie theatre in 1928.

Brand Confusion
The organization was originally known as the Variety Club. Over the years, this title began to feel too inclusive and needed to be revised to include everyone. To this day, the transition to Variety – the Children’s Charity of Wisconsin is still a challenge, causing a bit of brand confusion for the admirable organization.

Wisconsin Variety Focus
Each Variety charter throughout the nation has their own unique focus for the organization. The Wisconsin charter’s focus is on mobility, which includes lifts, doorways, ramps, and more. The “sexiest” form of mobility help the organization oversees is custom bicycles built for children with special needs. To do this, Variety teams up with Emerys Cycle Shop.

Advertising a Nonprofit
Advertising on a very limited budget, as most nonprofits encounter, is a challenge that requires creativity. Variety takes advantage of social media by sharing heartfelt stories. Additionally, Variety has successfully used crowdfunding and hosts fundraising events.

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